CineBox/ Smart Receiver of Content


Electronic Film Stock

The CineBox is a highly efficient system that receives, saves, protects and controls movies, trailers, advertising and metadata using many different distribution channels. Simply put: it is an electronic film stock.

Multichannel Receiver

Trusted film developed the CineBox and server applications with the notion of an 'electronic film stock in mind. The Cinebox is an intelligent multi-channel (satellite, LTE, cable, hard disk) delivery platform with a M2M telemetry module for the centralized administration.

The CineBox has four independent satellite transponder channels - our competitors only two. While the competitors work with fixed frequencies and modulation in the satellite receiver, the CineBox can set all the parameters via its M2M telemetry remote administration interface for each and every cinema. Thus, multiple films can be transferred to different theaters without blocking other deliveries on the same transponder frequency. All channels (4 x SAT x 2 LTE, 1 x IP-cable) can be used independently and in parallel to transfer data. This system allows us to figure out the most optimal delivery of film objects into the theater depending on the available networks, protocols and architectures.

The multi-channel receiver allows parallel transmission - even of live content.

The digital movie is delivered to the theaters using the most optimal, available and cost-effective channel.


Free of charge

For the cinema, the acquisition, installation and operation will be free of charge.




Cinebox supports the online creation of commercials and thus additional revenues through local advertising.



Use our web-interface to monitor the transmission status of your movies in the theaters. Directly generate KDMs online!

Technical Data

4 Core CPU
8 RAID harddisks of 3 TB, total 24TB
1 x DVI and HDMI for Live Content
4 x Audio (8-Chanel)
6 x USB for external storage
4 x SAT receiver
1 x M2M-GPRS receiver
2 x LAN (Gigabit Ethernet)


The Cinebox learned from experiences that:

  1. satellite transmissions are not always economical for all film projects.
  2. satellite transmissions must always have an additional broadband return channel.
  3. landlines do not allow IP broadcast.
  4. small productions must always be delivered in unicast.
  5. advertisement and metadata must always be delivered in unicast.
  6. in Germany and Europe, glass fibre networks are not available yet.
  7. each theater has a different network availability.

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